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Descendants of William Thomas Albritton



Generation No. 1


 1.  WILLIAM THOMAS1 ALBRITTON was born April 1857 in Carroll CO., GA, and died 1925-1928 in Shreveport, LA.  He married MELINDA WHITMAN September 25, 1872 in Cleburne, AL, daughter of HIRAM WHITMAN and ELIZABETH ALEWINE.



From the Daniel Mooneyham Family Home Page:  William Albritton was raised by Joseph Edge.  The year he was placed with this family is unknown.  He was living with this family in 1870, and was 15 years old at the time.

From Iona Albritton Guffy:  William was her great-grandfather.  She tells us that he was a produce farmer and sold his produce by the wagonloads.  He was traveling north to the state line with other wagons when they were ambushed and William was shot and killed on the road.

He is buried in Shreveport, LA.




From Daniel Mooneyham's Family Home Page:  (Dec.25, 1996)  William and Melinda were married in Cleburn, AL.  There was a man named Asbury Hanson, although the first name was not very clear.  He signed their marriage license as a Guardian.



 2.               i.    JOHN THOMAS2 ALBRITTON, b. October 16, 1875, Alabama; d. July 21, 1928, Polk CO., TN  Benton Station Baptist Church Cemetery.

                  ii.    CORA C. ALBRITTON, b. August 1889, Polk CO., TN; d. July 26, 1958, Ouachita CO., LA - Monroe - Hasley Cemetery; m. LARK CAMPBELL.



                 iii.    ELIZABETH ALBRITTON, m. CHARLES BATES.



 3.             iv.    ESTHER "ETTER" PRISCILLA ALBRITTON, b. March 04, 1882, Alabama; d. October 13, 1961, Bradley CO., TN   Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery.

                  v.    MARY ELIZA ALBRITTON, b. January 1893, TN; d. May 28, 1959; m. ED TRAYLOR.



 4.             vi.    WILLIAM HOMER ALBRITTON, b. October 15, 1873, Alabama; d. January 12, 1928, Bradley CO., TN   Fort Hill Cemetery.

                vii.    MARTHA N. ALBRITTON, b. April 1886, Polk CO., TN.





Generation No. 2


 2.  JOHN THOMAS2 ALBRITTON (WILLIAM THOMAS1) was born October 16, 1875 in Alabama, and died July 21, 1928 in Polk CO., TN  Benton Station Baptist Church Cemetery.  He married ETHEL THEODOSIA MOORE, daughter of ABNER MOORE.



Died of consumption (cancer or tuberculosis of the lungs).  He was 52 yrs. and 10 mos.


       Children of JOHN ALBRITTON and ETHEL MOORE are:

                   i.    IONA LUE3 ALBRITTON, b. May 06, 1913; m. WOODROW GUFFY.



 5.              ii.    GEORGE WILSON ALBRITTON

                 iii.    SARAH JANE "JENNY" LIVINIA ALBRITTON, d. November 02, 1938.



Died at age 14 with cancer.


 6.             iv.    STELLA ALBRITTON, b. March 18.

 7.              v.    LUTHER FRANKLIN ALBRITTON, b. August 31, 1901; d. November 11, 1975.

 8.             vi.    DAVID LAKE ALBRITTON, b. January 06, 1904; d. September 25, 1996, Altamont, TN.

 9.            vii.    ASA WILLIAM ALBRITTON, b. August 06, 1905; d. April 1985, Hamilton CO, TN - Lee Cemetery - McDonald, TN.

 10.         viii.    RICHARD PINKNEY ALBRITTON, b. June 22, 1907; d. November 14, 1974.

 11.           ix.    ELMO FERDINAND ALBRITTON, b. January 11, 1909; d. August 30, 1982.

 12.            x.    JOHN FOY ALBRITTON, b. March 22, 1911; d. October 22, 1989.

 13.           xi.    GLADYS ALBRITTON, b. August 14, 1915; d. January 04, 1998.

 14.          xii.    ABNER GAYLE ALBRITTON, b. November 12, 1917; d. July 18, 1978.


 3.  ESTHER "ETTER" PRISCILLA2 ALBRITTON (WILLIAM THOMAS1) was born March 04, 1882 in Alabama, and died October 13, 1961 in Bradley CO., TN   Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery.  She married WILLIAM "BILL" MADISON GROOMS.


Was an expert blacksmith who also made moonshine on the side.  He was also the "water witch" for the community.


       Children of ESTHER ALBRITTON and WILLIAM GROOMS are:

                   i.    JESSE EDWARD3 GROOMS, b. March 22, 1905, GA; d. November 22, 1963.



 15.            ii.    MELINDA ELLEN "LENNIE" GROOMS, b. February 06, 1909; d. November 22, 1989.

 16.           iii.    MAUDE GROOMS, b. September 30, 1911, Bradley CO., TN; d. June 08, 1990, Hamilton CO, TN - Buried in Bradley CO at Lebanon Cemetery..

                 iv.    JOHNNY ELBERT GROOMS, b. December 29, 1917; d. August 10, 1979.



                  v.    RALPH EDWARD GROOMS, b. August 20, 1919; d. August 14, 1950.



                 vi.    WILLIAM ELWOOD GROOMS, b. March 09, 1914; d. January 08, 1983.



                vii.    BERTHA "BERTIE" GROOMS, b. March 11, 1903; d. March 20, 1910.




 4.  WILLIAM HOMER2 ALBRITTON (WILLIAM THOMAS1) was born October 15, 1873 in Alabama, and died January 12, 1928 in Bradley CO., TN   Fort Hill Cemetery.  He married NAOMI RYMER April 02, 1902, daughter of JOHN RYMER and MARY GUINN.


       Children of WILLIAM ALBRITTON and NAOMI RYMER are:

                   i.    HIBBARD3 ALBRITTON, b. December 12, 1902; d. February 23, 1989.



                  ii.    HOYLE ALBRITTON, b. June 17, 1907; d. September 01, 1982.



Became a state senator.


 17.           iii.    BERNICE ALBRITTON.