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Descendants of Thomas Maddux



Generation No. 1


 1.  THOMAS4 MADDUX  (THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born October 10, 1720 in Somerset, MD, and died 1783 in Fauquier Co., VA.  He married MARGARET TOMBLY 1745.


       Children of THOMAS MADDUX and MARGARET TOMBLY are:

 2.               i.    MATTHEW5 MADDUX, b. Bef. 1750, Cocke Co., TN (?).

                  ii.    WILLIAM MADDUX, b. October 10, 1750.



Note:  William and his family came to Limestone Country (Maysville, KY) in November, 1784.


                 iii.    ESTER SALLY MADDUX.



                 iv.    FANNY MADDUX.



                  v.    THOMAS MADDUX.



                 vi.    LAZARUS MADDUX, b. Abt. 1755; d. Abt. 1814, KY; m. HANNAH JONES, September 25, 1786, Brunswick Co., VA.



 3.            vii.    SCHOFIELD MADDUX.

               viii.    NATHANIEL MADDUX, m. ELIZABETH MARTIN, February 05, 1811, Campbell Co., VA.



                 ix.    DORCAS MADDUX.





Generation No. 2


 2.  MATTHEW5 MADDUX (THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born Bef. 1750 in Cocke Co., TN (?).  He married EVE KUNTZ (OR MARTIN) 1775 in VA.


       Children of MATTHEW MADDUX and EVE MARTIN) are:

 4.               i.    MATTHEW6 MADDUX, b. 1784; d. March 24, 1832, Fountain Co., MO (Bonebreak Cemetery).

 5.              ii.    ADAM MADDUX, b. 1786.

 6.             iii.    GEORGE NATHANIEL MADDUX, b. September 15, 1789, VA; d. January 15, 1862, Dallas Co., MO.

                 iv.    JOSEPH MADDUX, b. 1792.



 7.              v.    SCHOFIELD R. MADDUX, b. 1798, Cocke Co., TN; d. August 24, 1871, Claiborne Co., TN.





Schoolfield Maddox (Maddux) Will - Green Co. TN 1811


To wife, Susanna, all estate her lifetime. Children: Alexander, Thomas, Dorcas, Mary, Sally, Betsy, Rachel, sons:Alexander and Thomas, land equally divided.  My five daughters to get personal estate. Executors: Susanna, Sons, Alexander and Thomas. Written: 30 July 1811.

Witnesses: Alexander Williams, John Shaver, Thomas Prater.


       Children of SCHOFIELD MADDUX and SUSANNA are:

                   i.    ALEXANDER6 MADDUX.



                  ii.    THOMAS MADDUX.



                 iii.    DORCAS MADDUX.



                 iv.    MARY MADDUX.



                  v.    SALLY MADDUX.



                 vi.    BETSY MADDUX.



                vii.    RACHEL MADDUX.





Generation No. 3


 4.  MATTHEW6 MADDUX (MATTHEW5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born 1784, and died March 24, 1832 in Fountain Co., MO (Bonebreak Cemetery).  He married DICY GUINN Abt. 1793 in VA.



Note: Matthew was counted in a census 1830 in Cocke Co., TN.


 Marriage Notes for MATTHEW MADDUX and DICY GUINN:

(The following was contributed by Jeanne Bornefeld to


Matthew Maddux was married 5-12-1814 (no public records or the marriage) in Cocke Co., TN. (Information given in her widow's pension application) and died 3-24-1932 in Millcreek Township, Veedersburg, Fountain County, Indiana.  Buried in Bonebreak Cemetery, Veedersburg, Fountain County, Indiana.


He married Dicy Guinn b ca 1793, in Virginia. She died 11-3-1876 at Concordia, Cloud County, Kansas.  In 1860, she made a declaration in the Territory of Kansas at Leavenworth.  March 13, 1874, she is living at Spring Hill, Livingston Co., MO.  She was granted a widow's pension as Dicey Maddox, widow of Mathew Maddox, Company Capt. B. Jones of the Tennessee Militia in the War of 1812 at the Topeka Agency.  Her certificate is dated June 11, 1874.

"The letter of the company I do not remember nor the number of the regiment, nor the number of the Brigade. The division was commanded by General Andrew Jackson.  Cannot say at what point he was discharged and I have not the discharge papers. The day and month of marriage I have forgotton".  She says she was married under the name of "Dicy Gwyn" to said Mathew Maddox by Bartholomew Gwyn.  She says her husband died at Fountain Co., IN in May 1833.  This deposition was given at Spring Hill, Livingston Co., MO. (It looks like she tried to write her name and a mark was made for her).


On 2-27-1860, Bartlett M. Maddox swore that he was acquainted with Dicy Maddox and in her bible printed in 1824 it says, "Mathew Maddox and Dicy Guinn was married on the 12th day of May, 1811, and the said Matthew Maddox died on the 4th day of March 1822. Signed Bartlett M. Maddox.  On another affidavit, it says that George R. Maddox and Bartlett M. Maddox swore Mathew Maddox died March 24, 1832.


Pleas begun and held before the Hon. Mitchell C. Black, Judge of the Probate Court of the County of Fountain in the State of Indiana at the Court House in said county at the November term One thousand eight hundred and thirty five.


Be it remembered that on the twenty seventh day of may, one thousand eight hundred and thirty four, letters of Administration on the Estate of Matthew Maddux were granted for Dicy Maddux and she filed the bond which bond is in the words and figures following to wit: Know all men by these presents that we Dicy Maddux, Merick Sayer, and John Dice, all of Fountain County, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Indiana in the sum of four hundred dollars to the payment of which will and duly be made and done we gind ourselves heirs Executors and Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this twenty seventh day of May one thousand eight hundred and thirty four.  The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Dicy Maddux will truly and faithfully perform the duties of administratrix of the estate of Matthew Maddux, deceased according to law, then the above obligation is to be void and none effect else to be and remain in full for and virtue in Law.

Dicy Maddux, Merrick Sayer, John Dice.     Seal.     Witness, Mark     W.B. White


Next is listed his goods and chattels. There is a note owed to Matthew Maddux of $50.00 by Morgan Hawkins.


       Children of MATTHEW MADDUX and DICY GUINN are:

                   i.    DICY ANN7 MADDUX, b. Abt. 1817, Fleming Co., KY; m. JOHN H. SWIFT, April 10, 1845, Warren, IL.



                  ii.    JOHN MADDUX, b. Abt. 1820; m. LAVINA MAY SWIFT, November 1842, Dandille, Vermillion Co., IL.



                 iii.    GEORGE R. MADDUX, b. Abt. 1821; m. DELILAH GARNER, May 25, 1885, Concordia, Cloud Co., KS.



                 iv.    LUCINDA L. MADDUX, b. KY; m. JAMES H. MCDONALD, April 03, 1842, Fountain Co., MO.



                  v.    ELIZABETH MADDUX, d. Abt. 1852; m. CHAPMAN D. SWIFT, 1840, Vermillion Co., IL.



                 vi.    LEANA MADDUX, b. Fountain Co., IN; m. RICHARD R. GUNTER, December 08, 1854, Attica, Marion, IA.



                vii.    LEWIS S. MADDUX, b. February 21, 1830, Fleming Co., KY; d. May 24, 1909, Kingfisher, OK; m. (1) MARGARET JONES; m. (2) HARRIET ROBINSON; m. (3) GRACE INMAN, February 01, 1870.



               viii.    MATTHEW MADDUX, b. April 15, 1828, Fleming Co., KY; d. July 19, 1909, Concordia, Cloud Co., KS; m. MARTHA JANE HENDERSON, September 01, 1850, Fountain Co., IN.



                 ix.    BARTLETT M. MADDUX, b. November 12, 1815, Vermillion Co., IL; d. February 27, 1895, Cloud Co., KS; m. (1) BARBARA LIVINGOOD; m. (2) NANCY CADE, November 09, 1837, Vermillion Co., IL.




 5.  ADAM6 MADDUX (MATTHEW5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born 1786.  He married RACHEL 1800.


 Notes for ADAM MADDUX:

That his name was ADAM who married RACHEL is recorded by an internet source. This source also records that ALEXANDER MADDUX sailed to America on the Abraham of London in the latter part of 1635.  He married ELEANOR WHITE in 1659. It is not known if Alexander was this Adam's relative or not, but their children were listed in his will as Thomas, Alexander, Lazarus, Elizabeth and Ann.  Lazarus died in Maryland in 1715, leaving sons Thomas, Lazarus, Daniel Alexander and William; daughters Mary, Sarah, Eleanor and Elizabeth. This may not be our direct lineage but is worth mentioning. 


Another source (Source: of paternity from documented pedigree charts say that there is strong circumstantial evidence of lineage from Matthew to Matthew, Adam, Nathaniel, Joseph, and Schofield.  Joseph, Nathaniel and Schofield were all in the 1830 census of Cocke Co., TN.  Joseph and Nathaniel were both in the 1840 census of Polk Co., TN.  Matthew, Nathaniel and Joseph all served in Lillard's 2nd Rgt. E. TN Volunteers durint the War of 1812, and Schofield served in Bunch's Mounted Rgt. E. TN Volunteers.  Rachel, the widow of Adam, had many legal dealings with Matthew Maddux in Cocke Co., TN, and also attended the same Baptist Church as Matthew and Nathaniel.


Strong circumstantial:  An Adam purchased land in 1831 in Cocke Co., TN when our ancestor Adam was only 15 years old.  An elder woman, age 50-60 (right age category for Rachel) was living with our Adam, age 20-30 in 1840 census Hamilton CO., TN.  She died in 1868.  Her tombstone indicates she was born in 1791, and is buried in the same cemetery as young Adam.

Paternity documentation Adam to William D: 1850 census for Hamilton Co., TN

Paternity documentation William D. to Mary Jane Maddux: 1870 census for Hamilton Co., TN


 - Karen Albritton-


 Notes for RACHEL:

She is buried in the Maddux Cemetery.


       Child of ADAM MADDUX and RACHEL is:

 8.               i.    ADAM7 MADDUX, b. May 16, 1816, Tuckahoe, Sevier Co., TN; d. April 11, 1867, James Co., TN.


 6.  GEORGE NATHANIEL6 MADDUX (MATTHEW5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born September 15, 1789 in VA, and died January 15, 1862 in Dallas Co., MO.  He married (1) MARY ANN TALLY (?) 1810 in Cocke Co., TN.  He married (2) REBECCA AVALINE PARKER February 22, 1821 in Cocke Co., TN.


       Children of GEORGE MADDUX and REBECCA PARKER are:

                   i.    CAROLINE7 MADDUX, b. 1822; d. 1897; m. ED CAMERON.



 9.              ii.    ALFRED BURTON MADDUX, b. 1823, TN; d. 1895, Dallas Co., MO.

 10.           iii.    LORENZO DOW MADDUX, b. 1824, Cocke Co., TN; d. 1900, Sonoma Co., CA.

 11.           iv.    JOHN PARKER MADDUX, b. 1826, Cocke Co., TN; d. Sonoma Co., CA.

                  v.    MARY MATILDA MADDUX, b. 1831; d. 1902, Polk Co., TN; m. JASPER LILLARD.



                 vi.    REBECCA AVALINE MADDUX, b. September 21, 1832, Polk Co., TN; d. August 04, 1871, Polk Co., TN; m. JAMES STAFFORD, Dallas Co., MO.



 12.          vii.    NATHANIEL STARLING MADDUX, b. July 18, 1836, McMinn Co., TN; d. September 09, 1901, Taney Co., Branson, MO.

               viii.    MARTHA JANE MADDUX, b. 1839, McMinn Co., TN(?); d. 1892, Dallas Co., MO; m. (1) JAMES PRATER (OR POTTER; m. (2) JAMES B. HOOVER.



                 ix.    MARGARET MADDUX, b. 1840, McMinn Co., TN(?); d. 1875, Dallas Co., MO; m. ELIAS D. WHITE.



                  x.    NANCY MINERVA MADDUX, b. February 18, 1842, McMinn Co., TN(?); d. September 26, 1918, Barber Co., KS; m. JOHN S. BURNS.



                 xi.    HARRIET L. MADDUX, b. 1845, McMinn Co., TN(?); d. 1903, TX; m. NATHAN AUSTIN.




 7.  SCHOFIELD R.6 MADDUX (MATTHEW5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born 1798 in Cocke Co., TN, and died August 24, 1871 in Claiborne Co., TN.  He married (1) NANCY FOGLEMAN.  He married (2) RITTY (OR RETTY) CLIFT 1816.



NOTE:  Schofield was counted in a census in 1830 in Cocke Co., TN.  He was counted in a census 1840 in Russell Co., VA.  He was counted in a census in 1850 in Scott Co., VA.  He was counted in a census 1860 in Claiborne Co., TN.  He was counted in a census 1870 in Claiborne Co., TN.



Nancy was living with her son, George, in Claiborne Co., TN according to the 1880 U.S. Census.



She named her 4 daughters after her 4 sisters: Nancy Elizabeth, Mary and Judith.


       Children of SCHOFIELD MADDUX and NANCY FOGLEMAN are:

                   i.    MARGARET7 MADDUX, b. 1839; d. November 12, 1912.



                  ii.    REBECCA MADDUX, b. 1841.



                 iii.    GEORGE WASHINGTON MADDUX , SR., b. May 14, 1842; d. November 01, 1911.



                 iv.    MARTHA MADDUX, b. 1843.



                  v.    PALMER NEWTON MADDUX, b. 1845.



                 vi.    CHARLES MADDUX, b. 1850.



                vii.    ELIZA A. MADDUX, b. 1853.



               viii.    SARAH JANE MADDUX, b. June 30, 1856; d. November 20, 1940.



                 ix.    LILBURN W. MADDUX, b. 1858, Claiborne Co., TN; d. Bef. 1870.




       Children of SCHOFIELD MADDUX and RITTY CLIFT are:

                  x.    NANCY7 MADDUX, b. 1818; d. January 24, 1876.



                 xi.    MATTHEW MADDUX, b. 1823.



                xii.    JOHN MADDUX, b. 1825.



               xiii.    ELIZABETH MADDUX, b. 1826.



               xiv.    MARY ANN MADDUX, b. 1828; d. January 26, 1876.



                xv.    JUDITH MADDUX, b. 1834.





Generation No. 4


 8.  ADAM7 MADDUX (ADAM6, MATTHEW5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born May 16, 1816 in Tuckahoe, Sevier Co., TN, and died April 11, 1867 in James Co., TN.  He married MARY "POLLY" ANN CAMPBELL February 11, 1836 in McMinn Co., TN, daughter of JOHN CAMPBELL and PHOEBE CASADA.


 Notes for ADAM MADDUX:

Died at age 50 years, 10 mos., and 18 days.

ADAM CAMPBELL MADDUX , whose parents were Adam and Rachel, acquired a 160 acre grant just after the Indian Removal in the section of Hamilton Co., TN that was later designated as James County, part of which is present day Ooltewah.  He later acquired part interest in Dallas Island, but it was here that he met his death.  His son and three sons-in-law fought for the Union in the Civil War.





       Children of ADAM MADDUX and MARY CAMPBELL are:

                   i.    JOHN CAMPBELL8 MADDUX, b. November 24, 1843, James Co., TN; d. April 16, 1924, Charleston, TN - Buried in the Methodist Cem.; m. (1) MARY ELIZABETH MOON, September 01, 1866; m. (2) MARGARET (MAGGIE) NANILLA STATUM, May 23, 1897, Webster, GA by T.G. Sharp.



                  ii.    PHOEBE CAROLINE MADDUX, b. January 20, 1838, James Co., TN (now Ooltewah in Hamilton Co.); d. July 30, 1898, Daisy, TN - Millsaps Cemetery; m. JASPER NEWTON MILLSAPS, February 14, 1856.



This researth was done by Agnes Maddux from the Marriages, Census and Cemetery records of Hamilton CO., TN.


                 iii.    AMANDA LIZA JANE MADDUX, b. December 29, 1839, Hamilton CO, TN; d. August 16, 1870; m. ELISHA "LISH" GANN.



Died at age 31.



After Amanda Jane's death, he married Talitha Lowe Cate, who had 1 child at that time, then they had 4 children afterwards.


                 iv.    CYNTHIA AVALINE MADDUX, b. January 20, 1842; d. January 11, 1920, Maddux Cemetery; m. (1) THOMAS J. DAUGHERTY, March 31, 1858; m. (2) HUGH FRANCIS "FRANK" FARRIS, February 06, 1868.



Capt. Tom Daughtery, member of the Union Army.  Co. C, 5th Inf.  He was killed in the battle of Resaca, Ga. 5-14-1864.



He was a member of the Confederate Army.  The story of their meeting:  he was passing the Maddux place on his way southward and stopped for water.  He saw and spoke to Cynthia, and told her that he would come back some day and marry her.  He was 17 years old at the time.  He returned and they were married.

He was also a member of the Methodist Church and an active member of the Freemasons.  His ancestry dates back to his g-g-grandfather Matthew Norman, who was a friend of George Washington. His father was Stephen A. Farris and his mother was Annie Norman Farris.


                  v.    WILLIAM DENNY MADDUX, b. February 15, 1846, James Co., TN; d. March 26, 1882, James Co., TN; m. SOPHIA MOON, February 22, 1866, Hamilton CO, TN.



                 vi.    SAMUEL ANDERSON MADDUX, b. May 31, 1848, James Co., TN; d. 1928, Gibson Co., TN; m. (1) NANCY TENNESSEE ELDRIGE, Hamilton CO, TN; m. (3) MARY LEWIS.



Samuel left home in May 1891 and was never found. 


                vii.    NANCY MURTILLA MADDUX, b. October 25, 1850; d. October 13, 1900; m. THOMAS J. MOON, October 13, 1866, Hamilton CO, TN.



Died in Arkansas.


               viii.    MARY ADELINE MADDUX, b. February 23, 1853; d. February 02, 1871.



Never married. She fell from a horse and died of pneumonia after the fall.


                 ix.    ROBERT HYSELOP MADDUX, b. May 24, 1854, James Co., TN; d. May 24, 1916, Hamilton CO, TN; m. ELIZA LUINA DUGGER, November 18, 1880.




 9.  ALFRED BURTON7 MADDUX (GEORGE NATHANIEL6, MATTHEW5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born 1823 in TN, and died 1895 in Dallas Co., MO.  He married T. CAROLINE BROWN in McMinn Co., TN.


       Children of ALFRED MADDUX and T. BROWN are:

                   i.    PETER8 MADDUX, b. 1844, Dallas Co., MO.



                  ii.    JAMES K. P. MADDUX, b. 1845, Dallas Co., MO; d. 1901, Dallas Co., MO; m. MARTHA A. SOUTHARD, 1865, Dallas Co., MO.



                 iii.    NATHANIEL P. MADDUX, b. 1847, Dallas Co., MO; d. 1925, MO.



                 iv.    MARTHA J. MADDUX, b. 1848, Dallas Co., MO; m. (1) RILEY STANLEY; m. (2) ALBERT STANLEY.



                  v.    REBECCA A. MADDUX, b. 1849, Dallas Co., MO; d. Dallas Co., MO; m. GEORGE O'BANNON, 1868, Dallas Co., MO.



                 vi.    LUCINDA MADDUX, b. 1850; d. Dallas Co., MO.



                vii.    M. MATILDA MADDUX, b. 1851, Dallas Co., MO; m. UNKNOWN BROWN.



               viii.    SABRA A. MADDUX, b. 1853, Dallas Co., MO; d. 1907, Jackson Co., MO; m. GEORGE W. SAPP.



                 ix.    WILLIAM JOHNSON MADDUX, b. 1855, Dallas Co., MO; d. 1935; m. (1) CHRISTY SPEGGINS; m. (2) LAURA B. NICHOLAS.



                  x.    ELIZABETH MADDUX, b. 1856, Dallas Co., MO; d. 1927, CA; m. UNKNOWN DARST.



                 xi.    ANNA C. MADDUX, b. 1858, Dallas Co., MO.



                xii.    C. EMMA MADDUX, b. 1860, Dallas Co., MO.



               xiii.    ALFRED B. MADDUX, b. 1862, Dallas Co., MO; d. 1938, Polk Co., TN; m. THERESA A. BROWN.



               xiv.    ROBERT G. MADDUX, b. 1864, Dallas Co., MO; d. 1928, Jackson Co., MO.



                xv.    EDWARD H. MADDUX, b. 1866, Dallas Co., MO; d. 1930, Cowlitz Co., WA; m. LAURA E. IRELAND.




 10.  LORENZO DOW7 MADDUX (GEORGE NATHANIEL6, MATTHEW5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born 1824 in Cocke Co., TN, and died 1900 in Sonoma Co., CA.  He married MINERVA E. GIBSON.


       Children of LORENZO MADDUX and MINERVA GIBSON are:

                   i.    GEORGE N.8 MADDUX, b. 1845, Dallas Co., MO.



                  ii.    AUGUSTA MADDUX, b. 1856, Dallas Co., MO.



                 iii.    MARK W. MADDUX, b. 1857, Sonoma Co., CA.



                 iv.    JAMES E. MADDUX, b. 1864, Sonoma Co., CA.



                  v.    ISABELLA MADDUX, b. 1865, Sonoma Co., CA.



                 vi.    HARRIET H. MADDUX, b. 1866, Sonoma Co., CA.



                vii.    PRESTON MADDUX, b. 1869, Sonoma Co., CA.



               viii.    JOSEPH MADDUX, b. 1871, Sonoma Co., CA.



                 ix.    FELIX P. MADDUX, b. 1875, Sonoma Co., CA.




 11.  JOHN PARKER7 MADDUX (GEORGE NATHANIEL6, MATTHEW5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born 1826 in Cocke Co., TN, and died in Sonoma Co., CA.  He married SERENA J. GIBSON 1853 in Washington C., AR.


       Children of JOHN MADDUX and SERENA GIBSON are:

                   i.    LAFAYETTE J.8 MADDUX, b. 1854, Dallas Co., MO; d. 1941, San Francisco, CA; m. BLYTHE SIMMONS, 1879, Sonoma Co., CA.



                  ii.    ROBERT F. MADDUX, b. 1856, Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1857, Sonoma Co., CA.



                 iii.    FLORENCE A. MADDUX, b. 1860, Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1883, Sonoma Co., CA.



                 iv.    JEFFERSON D. MADDUX, b. 1861.



                  v.    LORETTA MADDUX, b. 1864, Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1927; m. J. H. GRAVES, 1891.



                 vi.    JAMES E. MADDUX, b. 1864, Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1945, Sonoma Co., CA.



                vii.    WILLIAM FULTON (OR KENNETH) MADDUX, b. 1869, Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1941, Sonoma Co., CA; m. JUANITA A. ANDREWS.



               viii.    INFANT MADDUX, b. 1871, Sonoma Co., CA.



                 ix.    CHARLES P. MADDUX, b. 1872, Sonoma Co., CA.



                  x.    PAUL MADDUX, b. 1875, Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1875, Sonoma Co., CA.



                 xi.    PAULINA MADDUX, b. 1875, Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1876, Sonoma Co., CA.



                xii.    LEE MADDUX, b. 1877, Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1967, Sonoma Co., CA; m. ERMINE E. SACRY.



               xiii.    HOWARD J. MADDUX, b. 1895, Sonoma Co., CA; d. 1896.




 12.  NATHANIEL STARLING7 MADDUX (GEORGE NATHANIEL6, MATTHEW5, THOMAS4, THOMAS3, ALEXANDER2, JOHN MADDUX1 (?)) was born July 18, 1836 in McMinn Co., TN, and died September 09, 1901 in Taney Co., Branson, MO.  He married CHARITY HENSLEY April 18, 1860 in Branson, MO.


       Children of NATHANIEL MADDUX and CHARITY HENSLEY are:

                   i.    JAMES M.8 MADDUX, b. 1862, Dallas Co., MO.



                  ii.    LAURA R. MADDUX, b. 1865, Dallas Co., MO.



                 iii.    MARK W. MADDUX, b. 1868, Dallas Co., MO.



                 iv.    MARY C. MADDUX, b. 1869, Dallas Co., MO.



                  v.    HARRIET ELIZABETH MADDUX, b. June 15, 1872; d. December 14, 1966.