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By Elbert T. Schrader Family:


1885        City Directory:

Ernst Schroeder lived on Jones 2  E 8th St.

Herman Schroeder worked in a drug store.


Jefferson City History Book:

                        Minnie Kuhlmann, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Hilker) Kuhlmann, who

                        Owned a farm in Watertown District, then bought farm in Lowell, Dodge City,

                        Died at age 69.  Minnie married Henry Luttman, had three children – Clarence,

                        Ella and Ervin.


“Watertown Republican” Newspaper, May 1, 1889:

                        Obituary:  Mrs. Ernst Schroeder died Thursday at her home in the second ward, or paralysis,

                        Aged 71 years.  Her funeral was held Sunday afternoon at the German M. E. Church.


5 Deeds copied from Jefferson County Courthouse, Jefferson, Wisconsin:

1.      AUG 3, 1856 to William Schroeder – 40 acres for $1,000.

2.      MAR 31, 1865 to Ernst Wilhelm Schroeder – 80 acres for $2,600.

3.      FEB 16, 1880 Ernest and Anna Schroeder to Ferdinand Schroeder – 40 acres

            And all tools and stock for $2,000

4.      MAY 2, 1883 Ernst Wilhelm Schroeder (a single man of the County of Dodge) to Ferdinand

            Schroeder – 40 acres (excepting ˝ acre of land for school purposes) for $2,000.


NOTE:  Herman J. Schroeder and Henrietta Kuhlman married Dec. 13, 1883