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Descendants of Philip Peter Fine



Generation No. 1




       Child of PHILIP PETER FINE is:

 2.               i.    CAPT. JOHN2 FINE, b. 1757; d. March 05, 1829.



Generation No. 2


 2.  CAPT. JOHN2 FINE (PHILIP PETER1) was born 1757, and died March 05, 1829.  He married GRACE.


       Children of CAPT. FINE and GRACE are:

 3.               i.    ELIJAH3 FINE, b. July 18, 1778; d. August 16, 1848.

                  ii.    MARY FINE, b. 1780.



                 iii.    ABRAHAM FINE, b. 1785; d. 1843; m. MARGARET LUSSER.



                 iv.    REBECCA FINE, m. JOHN SMITH.



                  v.    LEVINA MARIA FINE, m. WILLIAM ANDES.





Generation No. 3


 3.  ELIJAH3 FINE (CAPT. JOHN2, PHILIP PETER1) was born July 18, 1778, and died August 16, 1848.  He married BARBARA ANDES October 15, 1805.


 Notes for ELIJAH FINE:

Served in the war of 1812.


       Children of ELIJAH FINE and BARBARA ANDES are:

                   i.    MAHALA4 FINE, b. 1806-1810; m. THOMAS FORD.



                  ii.    ESTHER FINE, b. August 24, 1807; d. 1875.



 4.             iii.    VINETT FINE, b. 1813-1815.

 5.             iv.    JOHN H. FINE, b. 1818, Washington Co., Tn; d. July 1860, Rhea Co., TN - Sulpher Springs.

 6.              v.    ELISHA FINE, b. 1817-1820, Tennessee; d. November 04, 1881, Washington CO., TN.

 7.             vi.    ABRAHAM FINE, b. 1822, Washington Co., Tn; d. Abt. 1880.

                vii.    ISACC FINE, b. 1824; d. 1886; m. REBECCA.



               viii.    AARON FINE, b. 1825; d. 1830.


Notes for AARON FINE:

Never married.


                 ix.    JACOB FINE, b. March 14, 1827; d. 1897; m. SARAH SCOTT, October 11, 1850.



                  x.    RUSSELL FINE, b. 1830; m. MARANDA SCOTT, November 13, 1853.



A Conferderate soldier, he died as a POW in 1863.


                 xi.    PHEEBE FINE, m. JOHN LEECH.





Generation No. 4


 4.  VINETT4 FINE (ELIJAH3, CAPT. JOHN2, PHILIP PETER1) was born 1813-1815.  He married (1) SARAH HAMPTON.  He married (2) MARY PHILLIPS.  He married (3) MARION CARUTHERS July 27, 1833.


       Children of VINETT FINE and SARAH HAMPTON are:

                   i.    JACOB H.5 FINE, b. 1843.



                  ii.    MARY A. FINE, b. 1845.



                 iii.    ELIZABETH "LIZ" FINE, b. Abt. 1847; m. PAUL CALWELL.



                 iv.    MARTHA FINE, b. 1848.



                  v.    MELINDA MELVINA FINE, b. 1849; m. HARRY WILSON.



                 vi.    GEORGE WILLIAM FINE, b. August 1851, Washington Co., Tn; d. November 1905, Cullman Co., AL.



                vii.    GEORGE W. FINE, b. 1854; m. MAGGIE L..



               viii.    JULIA A. FINE, b. 1855.



                 ix.    EVELINE FINE, b. 1857.




       Children of VINETT FINE and MARY PHILLIPS are:

                  x.    BARBARA5 FINE, b. 1868.



                 xi.    CAROLINE FINE, b. 1871.



                xii.    DAVID FINE, b. 1875.



               xiii.    MARANDA FINE, b. 1878.




       Children of VINETT FINE and MARION CARUTHERS are:

               xiv.    W. ALFRED5 FINE, b. Abt. 1834.



                xv.    ALFRED JACKSON FINE, b. August 10, 1937; m. JULIA CAROLINE SWANNER.




 5.  JOHN H.4 FINE (ELIJAH3, CAPT. JOHN2, PHILIP PETER1) was born 1818 in Washington Co., Tn, and died July 1860 in Rhea Co., TN - Sulpher Springs.  He married (1) FANNIE WALTERS Abt. 1836.  He married (2) MARGARET ANN BRUMMETT February 25, 1841 in Washington CO., TN.


The children she had with John H. Fine were, Phillip Peter, Delia (Adeline) and Elizabeth (Rilda).


       Children of JOHN FINE and FANNIE WALTERS are:

                   i.    JACOB5 FINE, b. 1837.



                  ii.    MAHALA ELIZABETH FINE, b. 1840; m. LOU PENDERGRASS, Hamilton Co., TN.



                 iii.    ELIJAH FINE, b. December 04, 1842, Loudon CO., TN; d. July 25, 1922, Loudon CO., TN; m. (1) CAROLINE ELIZABETH GOODWIN; m. (2) MARY LOUISE "MOLLIE" CAMPBELL, 1888, Loudon CO., TN.



                 iv.    MARY JANE FINE, b. February 02, 1844, Washington Co., Tn; m. LEVI TREADWAY, July 18, 1866, Rhea CO., TN.



                  v.    EVELINE FINE, b. December 24, 1847, Loudon or Rhea Co., TN; d. January 25, 1877, Greene Co., TN; m. SAMUEL B. DAVIS, August 24, 1865, Rhea CO., TN.


Notes for SAMUEL B. DAVIS:

Samuel B. Davis was a Private in C-Company of the 4th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War.  His unit was captured at McMinnville, TN.  Our family stories have Samuel as a POW, either after his release or while he was still serving, he met Evaline in Loudon County.  There are rumors she may have been in the "family way".  We do know her family did not approve of the marriage.


                 vi.    PHILIP PETER FINE, b. November 1849, Washington Co., Tn; d. January 29, 1920, Rhea Co., TN - Calhoun Baptist Cemetery; m. SURILDA SARINDA PENDERGRASS, August 06, 1872, Hamilton Co., TN.



May 5, 1928 Chattanooga Times newspaper obituary:

Fine, Philip, aged 80, died at the home of his son T.L. (Thomas) Fine, on the Baylor School Road Friday afternoon after a short illness.  He is survived by his three sons, T. L., John, and Bob; One daughter, Mrs. G. W. Maddux.  Funeral services will be held this morning at ten o'clock from the Riverside Church, the Rev. Creasmen officiating.  Interment will follow in the Beason Cemetery.  Arrangement in charge is Coulter's.

Note:  The date on the tombstone is incorrect.  It reads 1925 instead of 1928.  On his death certificate, it lists his occupation as "Farmer".




Cause of Death: Organic Heart Trouble on certificate.


                vii.    BETSY A. FINE, b. Abt. 1851.



               viii.    DANIEL "DAN" FINE, b. May 02, 1854; d. May 23, 1930, Lenoir City, TN - Martel Cemetery; m. (1) MARY JANE "JANIE" GREER, January 16, 1880; m. (2) JEANNETTE "NETTIE" LOVING, December 04, 1907.



                 ix.    SUSAN FINE, b. 1855.



                  x.    ADELINE OR CORDELIA FINE, b. 1857.



                 xi.    JOHN ADDISON FINE, b. June 23, 1859, Rhea CO., TN; d. October 12, 1907, Rhea CO., TN; m. CATHERINE ELIZABETH RAULSTON, December 27, 1877.



*John Addison Fine research as recorded by Marchie Marie (Wampler) Brewe and Doris Irine (Stanford) Arnold - 1861-1975.



In this marriage, Cora also had a set of twins that probably died at birth between 1892 and 1898.  Claude, a son, probably died at birth.



 6.  ELISHA4 FINE (ELIJAH3, CAPT. JOHN2, PHILIP PETER1) was born 1817-1820 in Tennessee, and died November 04, 1881 in Washington CO., TN.  He married MARY BRUMMET February 24, 1841.



Fact 1: A death date of 4-11-1861, but he was in Wa.Co.TN Census No. 510.



Cause of Death: Dropsy


       Child of ELISHA FINE and MARY BRUMMET is:

                   i.    MARGARET E5 FINE, b. 1851.




 7.  ABRAHAM4 FINE (ELIJAH3, CAPT. JOHN2, PHILIP PETER1) was born 1822 in Washington Co., Tn, and died Abt. 1880.  He married JANE CANNON September 07, 1854 in Washington Co., Tn.


 Notes for ABRAHAM FINE:

Source for Children of Household: 1860 TN Census Wa-192A, 8th CD, Jonesboro)


       Children of ABRAHAM FINE and JANE CANNON are:

                   i.    RIVANNA EVALINA5 FINE, b. July 29, 1855, Washington Co., Tn; d. February 07, 1904; m. MOORE STRICKLAND, November 24, 1870, Washington Co., Tn.



                  ii.    ALLEN BUCHANAN FINE, b. 1857; d. January 19, 1919, Cherokee, TN; m. LOUISA LEACH.



Cause of Death: Pneumonia following influenza


                 iii.    AMANDA E. FINE, b. 1859.



                 iv.    ELIJAH V. FINE, b. 1863; m. ANNIE A. SAYLOR, September 27, 1885.



                  v.    MARTIN FINE, b. 1866.



                 vi.    EDMOND H. FINE, b. 1869.