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            The following history has been assembled from facts gathered from Bobby G. Albritton of

Marietta, GA, R. W. Hemingway of Salt Lake City, and the Genealogical Library in Bartow, Florida.


            The name of ALBRITTON has been spelled may different ways, but the spelling most often

used is "Albritton". The records show that prior to the year 1667, the name was spelled Albrighton,

Albridghton, or Alberton.  Since that time, other variations have appeared such as Albriton, Albritten,

Albritain, and Albrittain.  The line of Albrittons in this report spell their name either Albritton or



            The first known reference to an ALBRITTON is discovered in Strafforshire County, England,

where the name appears in the registry of Haughton Parrish in 1570 as "Albrighton".

            According to Dr. E. C. Albritton of Washington, D.C., the first Albritton to migrate to the new

world was one ROBERT ALBERTON, a perfumer (or pharmacist), who arrived at the Jamestown

Colony in the year 1608 on the secod supply ship sent over from England.  The ship ws commanded by

a Capt. Newport and carried a supply of settlers, and among them were two females with no


            Even then, the Albrittons were having trouble with people misspelling their name.  "Alberton"

was entered in the ship's log by a ship's clerk, but the earliest spelling was "Albrighton". 


            If Bob had missed the boat, we'd still be in Albridgton County, England.




            Francis was apparently the son of Robert Albritton.  He married an Irish girl, who bore him

seven children, migrated to America with his family about 1650.

            In early Virginia records, Francis Albritton (spelled "Albrighton") purchased land in York

County on April 9, 1667, naming seven children.  Their names were RICHARD, FRANCIS,

ELIZABETH, GEORGE, JOHN, AMOS, and MARGARET.  Each of their names was spelled

ALBRIGHTON, but he signed his name FRANCIS ALBRITTON.  His sons Richard, John and George

signed their wills "Albritton".  After Richard's will, the name Albrighton was not found in any family


            Francis died in York County around 1667.  The line decends through George.




            JOHN ALBRITTON was the son of JAMES and ELIZABETH.  He was born in Pill County,

North Carolina in 1750.  He grew up in North Carolina and married there in 1774 to Averilla (Abby)


            In 1776, John and brothers George and Richard, together with their families, left Pitt County

and traveled west to Rockingham, North Carolina.  Later, they moved south to South Carolina.  They

spent a number of years in South Carolina, but eventually moved on south to Georgia.

            It appears that Richard, James, and families settled on French, British, and Spanish land in west

Florida --east of the Mississippi River and west of the Pearl River.  Between 1810 and 1817, they

purchased or settled land in the St. Helena Parrish and Feliciana Parrish area.

            John's earliest recorded residence in Georgia was in Effingham County, where he had 126

acres surveyed on September 6.1784.  He lived in that portion of Effingham County that later was made

into Screven County.  John was granted 200 acres of land in Effingham and 250 acres in Burke County

on April 26, 1798.  John received additional grants in 1802 of 435 acres of land in Bullock County and

200 acres in Effingham county.

            John moved from Bullock to Bryan County, Georgia, around 1794 and was appointed Justice

of the Peace for the First District of Bryan County on January 6, 1795.  He was also a Judge of the

Inferior Court in Bryan County and reappointed Justice of the Peace on April 1, 1797.  His name also

appears on the jury list for Bryan County in 1797.