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Bible Records of John Moore

The first entry states that "John and Catherine Moore, wife of John Moore, joined the BaptistChurch November 1852.

John Moore was born January 4, 1824 in Macon County, NC
Catherine (Watson) Moore was born October 4, 1826 in Haywood, NC
Francis E. Moore, daughter of John Moore was born April 5, 1847 in Cherokee, NC
A. S. Moore was born November 17, 1848 in Macon County, NC
Anna A. Moore was born September 6, 1850 in Murray County, GA
Isaac T. Moore was born August 30, 1852 in Cherokee County, NC
N. W. Moore was born December 28, 1854 in Jackson County, NC
George Mericus Moore was born October 20, 1856 at 1 o'clock in Cherokee, NC
John Ellis Moore was born September 16, 1858 at 5 o'clock a.m. Thursday in Fannin Co. GA
Martha Jane Moore was born February 19, 1861 at 10 o'clock Tuesday evening Fannin Co. GA
Leander Thomas Moore was born May 3, 1863 Sunday morning at 1 o'clock in Fannin Co., GA
Mary Caroline Moore was born April 20, 1866 Friday evening at 5 o'clock in Fannin Co., GA
Ulyes Grant Moore was born November 2, 1868 Monday morning in Fannin Co., GA
Anna E. Moore was born June 25, 1893, the daughter of J. P. Moore
Abner S. Moore was born July 10, 1801
Anna Moore, the wife of Abner S. was born October 4, 1800
Thomas Franklin Mathis was born March 4, 1867
Lillean J. Valee Creasman was born May the 23, 1871
Catherine L. Moore was born September 3, 1875
Martha Isobel Moore was born July 24, 1881
Mary J. Moore was born August 11, 1884
Lillaunn Moore was bornAugust 7, 1886
Harriett Moore was born August 8, 1888
Behel Arthur was born April 4, 1902 Friday morning 8 o'clock in Polk County TN
Mary Katherine Arthur was born September 27, 1897 at 1 o'clock on Wednesday


John Moore and Catherine Watson was married January 18, 1846 by Esq. Clayborn in Cherokee County NC on Sunday.
David Mathis and Francis E. Moore was married April 8, 1866 on Sunday by Esq. L. D. Vaughn.
W. S. Arthur and Martha Jane Moore was married March 7, 1887.


George Mericus Moore died October 14, 1861
Anna A. Creasman died June 3, 1871
Lilleye Ann Creasman died November 6, 1871
Fanny Watson died August 13, 1876
Catherine L. Moore died August 31, 1880
George Watson died December 7, 1872
Isaac Taylor Moore died November 4, 1888
Abner S. Moore died August 16, 1884 in Cocke County, TN
Anna Moore, wife of Abner Moore, died October 1877 in Towns Co., GA
Anna Elmina Moore, daughter of J. P. Moore died July 30, 1894
Catie Moore, wife of John Moore, died July 2, 1899
John Moore died July 16, 1900 in Polk County on Monday evening 6 o'clock
Mary C. Moore died October 17, 1903
Ulyes Moore died August 1932 in Murray County, GA

Bible Records of Abner S. Moore

Abner S. Moore and Martha Ann Cockran Moore lived most of their adult lives in Polk County, Tennessee. They are buried at the Cumberland Shed Cemetery south of Ocoee, TN.

Margret Cathern Moore was born April the 3, 1870
John Pinkney Moore was born April the 1, 1872
Daniel Mc Moore was born April the 17, 1874
Ida Cordelia Moore was born Jan. the 22, 1877
Lousina Augusta Moore was born September the 15, 1879
Lea Jane Moore was born March the 8, 1882
Ethel Theodotia Moore was born September 27, 1883
Elen May Moore was born June 25, 1886
Florida Lurania Moore was born September 24, 1888
Frances Gertrude Moore was born April the 1, 1891
James A. Garfield Moore was born December the 23, 1893
Newton Dewey Moore was born A.D. Dec. the 2nd 1898


Abner S. Moore married Martha A. Cockran on March 14, 1869 at the home of J. P. Cockran. The ceremony was performed by H. H. Galaway N. P., J. P., and was witnessed by V. W. Moore, brother to Abner and J. P. Cockran, father of Martha Ann Cockran.


Lea Jane Moore died October the 24, 1882
Ida Cordelia Moore died Oct. the 19, 1890
Newton Dewey Moore died September the 10th, 1899
Margaret Catherine Burnette died Jan. 20, 1908
Martha Ann Moore died May 4th 1913
Frances Gertrude Moore died Jan. 10, 1912
Abner Senter Moore died July 9, 1927
John P. Moore died Jan. 19, 1935
Ethel Theococia died Jan. 26, 1972