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Descendants of Adam Maddux



Generation No. 1


 1.  ADAM1 MADDUX.  He married RACHEL.


 Notes for ADAM MADDUX:

That his name was ADAM who married RACHEL is recorded by an internet source.  This source also records that ALEXANDER MADDUX sailed to America on the Abraham of London in the latter part of 1635.  He married ELEANOR WHITE in 1659. It is not known if Alexander was this Adam's relative or not, but their children were listed in his will as Thomas, Alexander, Lazarus, Elizabeth and Ann.  Lazarus died in Maryland in 1715, leaving sons Thomas, Lazarus, Daniel Alexander and William; daughters Mary, Sarah, Eleanor and Elizabeth. This may not be our direct lineage but is worth mentioning.      - Karen Albritton-


 Notes for RACHEL:

She is buried in the Maddux Cemetery.


       Child of ADAM MADDUX and RACHEL is:

 2.               i.    ADAM2 MADDUX, b. May 16, 1816, Tuckahoe, Sevier Co., TN; d. April 11, 1867, James Co., TN.



Generation No. 2


 2.  ADAM2 MADDUX (ADAM1) was born May 16, 1816 in Tuckahoe, Sevier Co., TN, and died April 11, 1867 in James Co., TN.  He married MARY "POLLY" ANN CAMPBELL, daughter of JOHN CAMPBELL and PHEBE CASADY.


 Notes for ADAM MADDUX:

Died at age 50 years, 10 mos., and 18 days.


       Children of ADAM MADDUX and MARY CAMPBELL are:

 3.               i.    JOHN CAMPBELL3 MADDUX, b. November 24, 1843, James Co., TN; d. April 16, 1924, Charleston, TN - Buried in the Methodist Cem..

 4.              ii.    PHOEBY CAROLINE MADDUX, b. January 20, 1838, James Co., TN (now Ooltewah in Hamilton Co.); d. July 30, 1898, Daisy, TN - Millsaps Cemetery.

 5.             iii.    AMANDA JANE MADDUX, b. December 29, 1839, Hamilton CO, TN; d. August 16, 1870.

 6.             iv.    CYNTHIA AVALINE MADDUX, b. January 20, 1842; d. January 11, 1920, Maddux Cemetery.

 7.              v.    WILLIAM DENNY MADDUX, b. February 15, 1845, James Co., TN; d. March 26, 1882, James Co., TN.

 8.             vi.    SAMUEL ANDERSON MADDUX, b. May 31, 1848, James Co., TN.

 9.            vii.    NANCY MURTILLER MADDUX, b. October 25, 1850; d. October 13, 1900.

               viii.    MARY ADELINE MADDUX, b. February 23, 1853; d. February 02, 1871.



Never married. She fell from a horse and died of pneumonia after the fall.


 10.           ix.    ROBERT HYSELOP MADDUX, b. May 24, 1854, James Co., TN; d. May 24, 1916, Hamilton CO, TN.



Generation No. 3


 3.  JOHN CAMPBELL3 MADDUX (ADAM2, ADAM1) was born November 24, 1843 in James Co., TN, and died April 16, 1924 in Charleston, TN - Buried in the Methodist Cem..  He married (1) MARY ELIZABETH MOON September 01, 1866, daughter of JAMES MOON and ELIZA JOHNSON.  He married (2) MARGARE T(MAGGIE) NANILLA STATUM May 23, 1897 in Webster, GA by T.G. Sharp.


       Children of JOHN MADDUX and MARY MOON are:

 11.             i.    GEORGE WASHINGTON4 MADDUX, b. November 25, 1879, James Co., TN; d. March 10, 1959, Calhoun, TN.

 12.            ii.    JAMES ADAM MADDUX, b. November 04, 1867; d. June 21, 1930.

 13.           iii.    MARY ELIZABETH MADDUX, b. March 13, 1869, James Co., TN; d. July 14, 1894, James Co., TN - Denny Cemetery.

                 iv.    JENNIE MADDUX, b. April 25, 1870; d. April 27, 1957; m. TOM M. DILLARD, April 02, 1913, Bradley CO., TN.


Notes for TOM M. DILLARD:

Died of accidental gun shot.


                  v.    WILLIAM ROBERT MADDUX, b. June 12, 1871, James Co., TN; d. September 03, 1944, Bradley Co., TN - Buried in Maddux Cemetery in Charleston, TN.



Never Married


                 vi.    CYNTHIA AVALINE MADDUX, b. January 05, 1873, James Co., TN; d. January 07, 1944.



Never Married


 14.          vii.    CHARLES CAMPBELL MADDUX, b. February 14, 1874; d. December 19, 1955.

               viii.    JOHN HIZER MADDUX, b. August 13, 1875; d. September 10, 1876.



                 ix.    SAMUEL THOMAS MADDUX, b. February 19, 1877; d. February 23, 1931.



Never married. He attended the Tennessee School for the Blind from 1888-1896.  He was born blind. Died at age 54.


                  x.    LUTHER MARTIN MADDUX, b. June 15, 1878; d. September 29, 1903.



Never Married.  He lived with George Washington and Eliza Fine Maddux prior to his death.


 15.           xi.    RICHARD JORDAN MADDUX, b. July 27, 1881; d. December 29, 1957.

                xii.    INFANT MADDUX, b. November 10, 1884; d. November 10, 1884.




       Children of JOHN MADDUX and MARGARE STATUM are:

 16.         xiii.    JOHN HOBART "HOBE"4 MADDUX, b. March 06, 1898, Bradley CO., TN; d. October 31, 1921, Bradley CO., TN - Methodist Cem. in Charleston, TN.

 17.         xiv.    WILLIAM STATEM MADDUX, b. July 17, 1900; d. Unknown.

 18.          xv.    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MADDUX, b. November 16, 1901; d. April 05, 1970.

 19.         xvi.    MARY (MARGARET) LUCILLE MADDUX, b. February 10, 1904; d. Unknown.

              xvii.    J. B. MADDUX, b. May 03, 1905; d. Unknown.



 20.       xviii.    JENNITH MARIE MADDUX, b. July 31, 1907; d. May 1929.


 4.  PHOEBY CAROLINE3 MADDUX (ADAM2, ADAM1) was born January 20, 1838 in James Co., TN (now Ooltewah in Hamilton Co.), and died July 30, 1898 in Daisy, TN - Millsaps Cemetery.  She married JASPER NEWTON MILLSAPS February 14, 1856.


This researth was done by Agnes Maddux from the Marriages, Census and Cemetery records of Hamilton CO., TN.


       Children of PHOEBY MADDUX and JASPER MILLSAPS are:

 21.             i.    MARY JANE4 MILLSAPS, b. January 17, 1857; d. April 16, 1914, Daisy, TN - Millsaps Cemetery.

                  ii.    CYNTHIA ISABELL MILLSAPS, b. April 17, 1858; d. October 09, 1930; m. ALLEN N. SMITH.



                 iii.    JOHN MADDUX MILLSAPS, b. October 19, 1860; d. April 12, 1916; m. MARY ELIZABETH HENRY.



                 iv.    TENNESSEE CAROLINE MILLSAPS, b. March 01, 1862; d. July 22, 1941; m. GEORGE W. LOVELADY.



                  v.    RACHEL MISSOURI MILLSAPS, b. January 13, 1867; d. June 07, 1904; m. WILLIAM J. COX.



                 vi.    LYDIA MURTILLA MILLSAPS, b. August 20, 1868; d. June 25, 1929; m. ROBERT GRANT VARNER.



                vii.    WILLIAM JARRETT MILLSAPS, b. April 02, 1870; d. May 23, 1935; m. BIRDIE THOMPSON.



               viii.    ROBERT SAMUEL MILLSAPS, b. March 05, 1872; d. July 24, 1951; m. VINA CHAUNCEY.



                 ix.    JAMES JASPER MILLSAPS, b. June 18, 1874; d. June 25, 1920; m. CARRIE ELLISON.



                  x.    NANCY MALINDA MILLSAPS, b. April 15, 1876; d. February 21, 1957; m. JOSEPH L. HENSLEY.



                 xi.    GEORGE DARLAND MILLSAPS, b. August 26, 1878; d. November 29, 1931; m. ETHEL REYNOLDS.



                xii.    ADAM GARFIELD MILLSAPS, b. November 20, 1880; d. December 27, 1957; m. LILLIE DYKES.




 5.  AMANDA JANE3 MADDUX (ADAM2, ADAM1) was born December 29, 1839 in Hamilton CO, TN, and died August 16, 1870.  She married ELISHA "LISH" GANN, son of THOMAS GANN and ELIZABETH.



Died at age 31.


 Notes for ELISHA "LISH" GANN:

After Amanda Jane's death, he married Talitha Lowe Cate, who had 1 child at that time, then they had 4 children afterwards.


       Children of AMANDA MADDUX and ELISHA GANN are:

                   i.    SHARETTE4 GANN, b. 1859; d. 1859.



                  ii.    JOHN ADAM GANN, b. March 09, 1857; d. February 26, 1936; m. (1) SERENA SMITH; m. (2) MARY JOSEPHINE HODGE, January 27, 1881.



                 iii.    MARTHA ANN GANN, b. 1860; m. DEFRIESE MILLER, February 15, 1880, Hamilton CO, TN.



                 iv.    TENNESSEE LINCOLN GANN, b. December 11, 1862; m. WILLIAM MCKINLEY DAVIDSON, February 12, 1882, Hamilton CO, TN.



                  v.    WILLIAM JACKSON GANN, b. 1867; m. MATILDA C. HENRY.




 6.  CYNTHIA AVALINE3 MADDUX (ADAM2, ADAM1) was born January 20, 1842, and died January 11, 1920 in Maddux Cemetery.  She married (1) THOMAS J. DAUGHTREY March 31, 1858.  She married (2) HUGH FRANCIS "FRANK" FARRIS February 06, 1868.


Capt. Tom Daughtery, member of the Union Army.  Co. C, 5th Inf.  He was killed in the battle of Resaca, Ga. 5-14-1864.



He was a member of the Confederate Army.  The story of their meeting:  he was passing the Maddux place on his way southward and stopped for water.  He saw and spoke to Cynthia, and told her that he would come back some day and marry her.  He was 17 years old at the time.  He returned and they were married.

He was also a member of the Methodist Church and an active member of the Freemasons.  His ancestry dates back to his g-g-grandfather Matthew Norman, who was a friend of George Washington. His father was Stephen A. Farris and his mother was Annie Norman Farris.


       Children of CYNTHIA MADDUX and THOMAS DAUGHTREY are:

 22.             i.    MARY ELIZABETH "PONY"4 DAUGHTREY, b. September 08, 1860; d. July 28, 1920.

                  ii.    VIRGINIA THOMAS DAUGHTREY, b. October 22, 1862; d. September 06, 1871, Maddux Cemetery.



Never married.



 7.  WILLIAM DENNY3 MADDUX (ADAM2, ADAM1) was born February 15, 1845 in James Co., TN, and died March 26, 1882 in James Co., TN.  He married HARRIET SOPHIA MOON February 22, 1866 in Hamilton CO, TN, daughter of JONAS MOON and L. C..


       Children of WILLIAM MADDUX and HARRIET MOON are:

 23.             i.    MARY JANE4 MADDUX, b. February 11, 1867; d. April 01, 1930, Hollis, OK.

                  ii.    JONAS A. C. MADDUX, b. October 06, 1869; d. March 03, 1871.



                 iii.    AMANDA L. MADDUX, b. January 02, 1872; d. January 02, 1872.



 24.           iv.    SAMUEL THOMAS MADDUX, b. 1875; d. October 26, 1943.

                  v.    JOHN DENNY MADDUX, b. 1876; d. October 1925.




 8.  SAMUEL ANDERSON3 MADDUX (ADAM2, ADAM1) was born May 31, 1848 in James Co., TN.  He married (1) NANCY TENNESSEE ELDRIDGE.  He married (2) NANCY TENNESSEE ELDRIGE.



Samuel left home in May 1891 and was never found. 


       Children of SAMUEL MADDUX and NANCY ELDRIGE are:

                   i.    MAUDE4 MADDUX, b. August 02, 1876, Kansas; d. November 03, 1967; m. (1) CHARLES GREENLEE; m. (2) LON BROCK.



                  ii.    RUBY E. MADDUX, b. February 15, 1883, Hamilton CO, TN; d. 1955; m. JIM H. EPPERSON.



                 iii.    JESSIE MADDUX, b. November 27, 1887; m. G. O. FRENCH.



                 iv.    ORA MADDUX, b. June 13, 1878; d. February 01, 1946; m. NOAH FORD.



                  v.    WINIFIELD HANCOCK MADDUX, b. July 02, 1880, Hamilton CO, TN.



                 vi.    WILLIAM PAUL MADDUX, b. May 08, 1885, Hamilton CO, TN.




 9.  NANCY MURTILLER3 MADDUX (ADAM2, ADAM1) was born October 25, 1850, and died October 13, 1900.  She married THOMAS JONAS MOON October 13, 1866 in Hamilton CO, TN.



Died in Arkansas.


       Children of NANCY MADDUX and THOMAS MOON are:

                   i.    JOHNNIE4 MOON.



Died in infancy.


                  ii.    MARY MOON, b. July 10, 1869; d. June 19, 1961, Arkansas.



                 iii.    ADAM POSEY MOON, m. (1) MOLLY POSTLEWAITE; m. (2) ADA POSTLEWAITE.



                 iv.    MARTHA AVALINE MOON, b. June 16, 1873; d. June 11, 1949; m. WILLIAM BELL.



                  v.    SAMUEL JONAS MOON, b. March 03, 1875; d. January 14, 1957; m. LUELLA BARNETT.



                 vi.    IDA MOON, b. 1877; d. 1909, Oklahoma; m. LUTHER REYNOLDS.



                vii.    DONA MOON, b. 1880; m. JORDAN WANN.



               viii.    THOMAS R. MOON, b. November 12, 1881; d. August 31, 1884.



                 ix.    JAMES NOAH MOON, b. November 15, 1884; d. July 07, 1941, Oklahoma; m. SARAH BOLTON.



                  x.    DAVID HARVEY MOON, b. January 30, 1886; d. January 1913; m. STELLA.



                 xi.    VIOLA MYRTLE MOON, b. March 08, 1888, Booneville, Arkansas; m. ED HICKS.



                xii.    JOSEPHINE MOON, b. April 14, 1890; d. March 04, 1932; m. J. MARSHALL RAY.



               xiii.    FLORA MAE MOON, b. May 1896; m. (1) MELTON BOLTON; m. (2) HENRY BURTON.



               xiv.    ALVIN RILEY MOON, b. January 02, 1897; d. August 1913.




 10.  ROBERT HYSELOP3 MADDUX (ADAM2, ADAM1) was born May 24, 1854 in James Co., TN, and died May 24, 1916 in Hamilton CO, TN.  He married ELIZA LUINA DUGGER November 18, 1880.


       Children of ROBERT MADDUX and ELIZA DUGGER are:

                   i.    LENA ALICE "ALLIE"4 MADDUX, b. August 28, 1881; d. February 23, 1966; m. HORACE GILBERT HUMPHREYS, July 09, 1904.



Horace was sheriff in Hamilton County, TN from 1922-1924.  He won the election by a landslide. He campaigned vigorously against prohibition.  When his term was over, he was appointed by President Herbert Hoover as a prohibition officer in the Hamilton Co. region. Later he joined his wife in the florist business before he died in 1945.


                  ii.    ROBBIE GAHAGAN MADDUX, b. May 18, 1883; d. June 13, 1884.



                 iii.    PHONNIE AVALINE MADDUX, b. January 06, 1885; m. DANIEL BENJAMIN HAMILL.



                 iv.    KATE IRENE MADDUX, b. April 01, 1886; d. September 20, 1973; m. ROBERT ISSAC GENTRY, January 17, 1920.



                  v.    WILLIAM ROY MADDUX, b. January 06, 1889; d. March 26, 1950; m. CLARA M. CLARK, May 06, 1912, Hamilton CO, TN.



                 vi.    ROBERT LEE MADDUX.



                vii.    ROY HUGH MADDUX.





Generation No. 4


 11.  GEORGE WASHINGTON4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born November 25, 1879 in James Co., TN, and died March 10, 1959 in Calhoun, TN.  He married ELIZA FINE, daughter of PHILIP FINE and SURILDA PENDERGRASS.


       Children of GEORGE MADDUX and ELIZA FINE are:

                   i.    ROSS ROOSEVELT5 MADDUX, b. November 28, 1904; d. 1987, Hamilton CO, TN; m. DOROTHY MARLER, August 11, 1928.



                  ii.    LESTER FARRIS MADDUX, b. May 06, 1906; d. 1985.



Never married.


                 iii.    EDGAR EARL MADDUX, b. May 28, 1907, Calhoun, TN; d. December 07, 1977; m. (1) CARRIE COFFELT; m. (2) ANNA IRENE DOWNEY, December 03, 1930, Georgia.



                 iv.    MAUDE ELLA MADDUX, b. October 11, 1908; d. April 1978, Hamilton CO, TN - Lee Cemetery - McDonald, TN; m. ASA WILLIAM ALBRITTON, May 01, 1930.



                  v.    LLOYD HENRY (TONY) MADDUX, b. April 02, 1910; d. May 06, 1976; m. LENA RITA CARVER.



                 vi.    MARY ISABELLA MADDUX, b. August 15; m. DOYLE HARRIS, June 23, 1929.



                vii.    ROSS ROOSEVELT MADDUX, b. November 28, 1904; d. 1987.



               viii.    MAUDE ELLA MADDUX, b. October 11, 1908; d. April 1978, Hamilton CO, TN - Lee Cemetery - McDonald, TN; m. ASA WILLIAM ALBRITTON.



                 ix.    LESTER FARRIS MADDUX, b. May 05, 1906.



                  x.    LLOYD HENRY (TONY) MADDUX, b. April 02, 1910, Calhoun, TN; d. May 06, 1976, Cleveland, TN - Bradley Co.; m. LENA RITATHOMPSON.



                 xi.    WALTER MADDUX.



                xii.    MARY ISABELLA MADDUX, b. August 15; m. CHARLES DOYLE HARRIS.



               xiii.    EDGAR MADDUX.



               xiv.    GEORGE MADDUX.




 12.  JAMES ADAM4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born November 04, 1867, and died June 21, 1930.  He married MARTHA VISTULA DUGGAN August 01, 1897 in Bradley CO., TN.


       Children of JAMES MADDUX and MARTHA DUGGAN are:

                   i.    JOHN ROBERT5 MADDUX, b. August 28, 1899; d. September 16, 1960; m. FANNIE TAYLOR, October 23, 1922.



                  ii.    FREDERICK EANSOR MADDUX, b. February 20, 1901; d. April 15, 1966; m. (1) ELLEN GAMBLE; m. (2) VEDA ROLAND.



                 iii.    VICTOR WINFRED MADDUX, b. July 08, 1903; d. December 18, 1997, Hamilton CO, TN - Hamilton Memorial Gardens; m. COBY LEE KIRBY.



Was also known as "Red" Maddox.  He was once a Hamilton Co., sheriff, distinguished athlete and the nation's oldest active member of Lions International according to his obit. A graduate of Charleston High School and Tenn. Wesleyan College where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for tennis and basketball.  He was onced employed by Standard Oil Co.  He was a member of the Masonic Lodge 603 F&AM, the Shriners and the Knights of Temple 620. He was a former member of the Elks.



She was a graduate of Peabody College in Nashville and taught school in Red Boiling Springs.


                 iv.    AUGUST ATLEE MADDUX, b. August 16, 1906; d. September 03, 1984, Decatur, TN - Buried in Spring City Mem. Gardens; m. MAE SHIELDS, April 10, 1926.



Had been a Baptist minister for 32 years in Meigs, Polk, Bradley and McMinn counties. He was a manager of the Cleveland Men's Shop for several years. 


                  v.    CARLOS GLENN MADDUX, b. February 18, 1911; d. January 21, 1978, Bigler, PA; m. GERTRUDE.




 13.  MARY ELIZABETH4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born March 13, 1869 in James Co., TN, and died July 14, 1894 in James Co., TN - Denny Cemetery.  She married FRANCIS MERIDITH WOLFE, son of ISSAC WOLFE and JANE DAVIS.


       Children of MARY MADDUX and FRANCIS WOLFE are:

                   i.    NANCY JANE5 WOLFE, b. November 1887; d. July 1888.



                  ii.    JOHN ALBERT WOLFE, b. May 05, 1889; d. March 07, 1939, Polk CO., TN - Friendship Cemetery; m. (1) LONA WOOD DAVENPORT; m. (2) MAE NORMAN.



                 iii.    ESTELLA WOLFE, b. October 25, 1891; d. May 11, 1975, Bradley CO., TN; m. JAMES WILLIAM MURPHY, 1910.



                 iv.    VERNA MAE WOLFE, b. March 1894; d. March 1894.



                  v.    LUTHER WOLFE.



                 vi.    GLENN WOLFE.



                vii.    WALTER WOLFE.



               viii.    FRANCIS WOLFE.




 14.  CHARLES CAMPBELL4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born February 14, 1874, and died December 19, 1955.  He married FLORENCE LUCRETIA POWELL, daughter of JACOB POWELL and MILDRED TODD.


       Children of CHARLES MADDUX and FLORENCE POWELL are:

                   i.    CHARLES ROY5 MADDUX, b. April 14, 1898; m. DEE WILLIS.



                  ii.    VERNA IRENE MADDUX, b. July 14, 1899; d. 1982, Knoxville, TN; m. LEROY HYDER.



                 iii.    MARY ELIZABETH MADDUX, b. November 18, 1900; m. DAN CORZINE TATE.



                 iv.    MABEL MYRTLE MADDUX, b. April 02, 1902; d. October 09, 1936.



Never married.


                  v.    CYNTHIA GLADYS MADDUX, b. August 27, 1903; m. LEE GIBSON.



                 vi.    LETTIE MAE MADDUX, b. October 04, 1905; m. JOHN ANDREW DAVIS.



                vii.    FRANCIS DAVIS MADDUX, b. March 16, 1914; m. MILDRED EMMA JORDAN, July 11, 1937.



               viii.    JAMES OTIS MADDUX, b. September 07, 1916; d. December 24, 1977; m. ANGES LOVE BORDERS.




 15.  RICHARD JORDAN4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born July 27, 1881, and died December 29, 1957.  He married (1) LAURA (LOTTIE) EASTWOOD GREEN.  He married (2) IDA MELTON.


       Children of RICHARD MADDUX and LAURA GREEN are:

                   i.    WALTER ALLEN5 MADDUX, b. January 14, 1906, Bradley CO., TN; d. January 16, 1967, Bradley CO., TN; m. LOIS FRYE.



                  ii.    EDNA ELIZABETH MADDUX, b. August 10, 1907; m. RAYMOND R. QUINTRELL.



                 iii.    EDITH MADDUX.



                 iv.    ANDREW FLETCHER MADDUX, b. December 09, 1911; d. 1973; m. (1) VIOLA ELLIS; m. (2) GOLDIE DAVY.



                  v.    FLORENCE MADDUX, b. December 01, 1912; m. CREED LAWRENCE "SHAN" HAMILTON.



                 vi.    STELLA SALLIE MADDUX, b. December 23, 1914; m. VAUGHN ROBERSON HAMILTON.



                vii.    BERTHA IRENE MADDUX, b. May 03, 1917; m. ROY HOOPER.




 16.  JOHN HOBART "HOBE"4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born March 06, 1898 in Bradley CO., TN, and died October 31, 1921 in Bradley CO., TN - Methodist Cem. in Charleston, TN.  He married MARY JANE GIBSON January 10, 1917.



Killed by Deputy Will Hambright on 10-31-1921.  See documentation on this story.


       Children of JOHN MADDUX and MARY GIBSON are:

                   i.    JOHN HOBART5 MADDUX , JR., b. November 07, 1921; d. November 08, 1944; m. BEVERLY CAROLINE HARRIS, May 11, 1943, San Diego, California.



Killed in WWII in 1944


                  ii.    RUTH LUCILLE MADDUX, b. August 16, 1918; m. DONALD WILLIAM BOITER, July 14, 1942.



                 iii.    MARGARET ELIZABETH MADDUX, b. December 15, 1919, Charleston, TN - Bradley Co.; d. December 31, 1995, Ft. Walton Beach, FL; m. (1) GRADY DELANO BETTIS; m. (2) JACK RUTHERFORD; m. (3) GEORGE DEWEY "DOC" ROARK, January 29, 1937.




 17.  WILLIAM STATEM4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born July 17, 1900, and died Unknown.  He married NETTIE SARAH HOLSH February 27, 1924.


       Child of WILLIAM MADDUX and NETTIE HOLSH is:

                   i.    WILLIAM STATEM5 MADDUX , JR., b. July 05, 1928.




 18.  BENJAMIN FRANKLIN4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born November 16, 1901, and died April 05, 1970.  He married YOLANDA JUDY TURCHI November 06, 1926.


       Children of BENJAMIN MADDUX and YOLANDA TURCHI are:

                   i.    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN5 MADDUX , JR., b. November 18, 1927, Marion Co., CA; m. EVELYN.



                  ii.    JOHN CARLTON MADDUX, b. January 04, 1946; m. CHERYL LORAINE HAHN, May 24, 1963.



                 iii.    JANET KAREN MADDUX, b. October 01, 1950.



                 iv.    ROBERT KEITH MADDUX, b. February 25, 1953, San Bernadino, CA.




 19.  MARY (MARGARET) LUCILLE4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born February 10, 1904, and died Unknown.  She married MILBURN LEE LANE October 1932.


       Children of MARY MADDUX and MILBURN LANE are:

                   i.    MILBURN LEE5 LANE , JR., b. October 21, 1933.



                  ii.    NORMA LUCILLE LANE, b. August 12, 1940.




 20.  JENNITH MARIE4 MADDUX (JOHN CAMPBELL3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born July 31, 1907, and died May 1929.  She married MAUNCELL WHITE.



                   i.    BARBARA MARIE5 WHITE, b. August 23, 1927; m. JAMES EMMET SHOFFNER, June 13, 1946.



At the time she wrote her will, May 22, 1929, she was in Roswell, New Mexico - Chaves County.



 21.  MARY JANE4 MILLSAPS (PHOEBY CAROLINE3 MADDUX, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born January 17, 1857, and died April 16, 1914 in Daisy, TN - Millsaps Cemetery.  She married PEREZY WOODARD GRANT July 22, 1875 in Hamilton CO, TN.


       Children of MARY MILLSAPS and PEREZY GRANT are:

                   i.    JASPER ALEXANDER5 GRANT, b. September 29, 1876; d. January 17, 1964.



                  ii.    IDA ELEANOR GRANT, b. December 11, 1878; d. December 08, 1956.



                 iii.    ALBERTO RICHARD GRANT, b. 1881; d. 1964.



                 iv.    JOHN THOMAS GRANT.



                  v.    AUDREY CAROLINE GRANT, b. May 14, 1886; d. April 30, 1976.



                 vi.    ALICE ISABELLE GRANT, b. November 10, 1888; d. February 18, 1965.



                vii.    MARY ELLEN GRANT.



               viii.    WILLIAM JAMES GRANT.



                 ix.    MABLE MALINDA GRANT.



                  x.    ROXA GRANT.




 22.  MARY ELIZABETH "PONY"4 DAUGHTREY (CYNTHIA AVALINE3 MADDUX, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born September 08, 1860, and died July 28, 1920.  She married JOHN ANDERSON SANDERS January 31, 1882.


       Children of MARY DAUGHTREY and JOHN SANDERS are:

                   i.    WILLIAM5 SANDERS.



                  ii.    MAUDE SANDERS.



                 iii.    ROSCOE SANDERS.



                 iv.    RUTH SANDERS.



                  v.    ROSSIE SANDERS.




 23.  MARY JANE4 MADDUX (WILLIAM DENNY3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born February 11, 1867, and died April 01, 1930 in Hollis, OK.  She married JAMES PERMINAS HOWELL September 23, 1894 in Harrison, TN.


       Children of MARY MADDUX and JAMES HOWELL are:

                   i.    JOHN HOUSTON5 HOWELL, b. July 18, 1895, Harrison, TN; d. November 08, 1971.



                  ii.    JAMES WILLIAM HOWELL, b. March 27, 1898; d. August 02, 1986, Texas.



                 iii.    HATTIE RUTH HOWELL, b. December 03, 1899; d. Texas.



                 iv.    SAMUEL HALE HOWELL, b. August 30, 1873, Near Harrison, TN; d. November 17, 1937.




 24.  SAMUEL THOMAS4 MADDUX (WILLIAM DENNY3, ADAM2, ADAM1) was born 1875, and died October 26, 1943.  He married (1) DORA LOUELLA PAYNE.  He married (2) CORA LACKEY December 09, 1926.


       Children of SAMUEL MADDUX and DORA PAYNE are:

                   i.    CARL QUENTIN5 MADDUX, b. September 30, 1898.



                  ii.    CARTER JONES MADDUX, b. December 17, 1900.



                 iii.    WILLIAM SPRUILL MADDUX, b. May 26, 1902.



                 iv.    ALTON JESSE MADDUX, b. December 18, 1903.



                  v.    JOHNSON MOON MADDUX, b. April 04, 1906.



                 vi.    GRACIE RUTH MADDUX, b. December 19, 1907.



                vii.    GROVER CULBERTSON MADDUX, b. April 23, 1909.



               viii.    ETHEL MARY MADDUX, b. August 13, 1912.



                 ix.    GENEVIEVE MADDUX, b. April 28, 1914.



                  x.    PAUL DENNY MADDUX, b. April 28, 1916.



                 xi.    CATHERINE JOSEPHINE MADDUX, b. April 11, 1918.



                xii.    RAYMOND FINCHER MADDUX, b. March 07, 1923.